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Express Yourself While You Move!

Movement Meets African Fashion.


Masks By Mezam

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Ouest Leggings


Black Foodie Encylclopedia

Black Foodie Encylclopedia

Well....It has been a crazy few weeks. Like everyone the feelings of anger, frustration and exhaustion have been a reoccurring theme here. The trut...
Mezam Holidays: An Afro-Inspired Gift Guide

Mezam Holidays: An Afro-Inspired Gift Guide

The holidays are almost here and finding the right gift can be challenging. The Mezam team took went in search of the perfect gift for all your loved ones. Our gift guide is special because every item on our list is made by minority owned business. These gifts are not only fabulous, but they support members of our community living the small business dream!!


I started this blog a few weeks ago from Texworld USA's apparel sourcing conference in New York. When my partners and I started Mezam Apparel the ...

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